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About Bianco Audio

I am Pascal Reinhardt, a.k.a. Kalli Bianco, and I founded BIANCO AUDIO in 2022. As a music producer and songwriter, I have created numerous productions for artists such as Apache, Lena, Nico Santos, GREY, Kontra K, Allie X, Loredana, Helene Fischer, Lea, Casper, Tokio Hotel, Felix Jaehn, Alma and many more. Over the years, I have created many of my own samples and drum kits and programmed my own plugins to have my own sound in my productions and to be able to produce faster.

However, since I do not believe that tools and plugins create hits and should therefore remain secret, I want all producers to be able to use my samples and plugins themselves.

Picture of music producer Pascal "Kalli" Reinhardt, owner of audio comany Bianco audio. It's a black and white portrait.

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Instagram profile of kalli_bianco a.k.a. pascal kalli reinhardt. Producer and songwriter and owner of bianco audio.
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